March 1, 2014


photography by Marcel of One Dapper Street

H&M tweed coat // My Mum Made It grid shirt // Vintage pants via Crossroads Trading // Zara heels

The weather has been harsh on everyone lately - it's so bitter outside. It makes me one to stay in bed under my warm, fluffy, and cozy blanket. Fortunately, I was able to catch some sun today (as it is much needed as most New Yorkers are deficient in Vitamin D, fact) while shooting, and I noticed that the snow is melting! I hope this means that I can finally put away the chunky and heavy snow boots (please). I'm already guilty of ordering sandals online. I'm just dreaming about summer and thinking what adventure I'll have during spring break!

As you probably observed, I've been captivated with playing with patterns. Mixing black and white grid with a diagonal grid really made a subtle, yet striking look. To throw on top, I wanted something equally aesthetically eye-catching - so I went for a little oversized tweed coat. And socks with sandals? Yes, totally #trending right now.


  1. I adore your pattern mix: everything looks so gorgeous together! Really beautiful!

    XO Imke

  2. Pattern mixing at it's finest. It shines through, especially because you kept your makeup and shoes simple. Perfect! :D


  3. Aweosme pics <3
    Super cool outfit
    Nice Work

  4. Oh how all of us New Yorkers dream of summer. And yes we are definitely Vitamin D deficient without a doubt.
    I love how you pair the two amazing prints together they do make your look very interesting. And socks with sandals totally trending, duh! Haha.

    Neon Fox

  5. Gah, your outfit is awesome.

  6. Great post!

  7. Perfect! Love it<3
    I invite you on my blog.
    Regards: *